One of the most powerful features of the Salesforce technology is the ability for all their services to interconnect with each other. The Salesforce email marketing app is not just an email marketing app, it’s a service that connects it’s data to all the other Salesforce apps.

The 360 Wheel is a core element of SFDO marketing and embodies the seamless quality of the Salesforce experience.

We were asked to animate the wheel for a cinematic, 3D experience called a ‘Transformational Demo’.  Transitioning the famous Salesforce 360 wheel from 2D to 3D was no simple task.  Technically speaking, we had to figure out a workflow to insert a C4D wheel into a Unreel Engine project, all the while staying true to the original 2D experience.

Soon after that we created a wheel ‘sizzle’, an animated wheel with text that describes the SFDO services which have the most viewed video content on Nonprofit Cloud GM's and Education Cloud GM's Linkedln profiles.
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