1. Egypt’s street artists now risk even more. A new law enacted following the recent referendum criminalizes graffiti. The sentence could extend to four years in jail as well as a fine. The classic excuse of equating graffiti to vandalism in order to ignore the issue of freedom of speech strikes again. During a recent trip to Cairo, I was awed by the vibrant graffiti and immediately started documenting the artwork.

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  2. Shooting in Grand Central Terminal! (at Grand Central Terminal)

  3. Happy New Year 2014!

    (animation by Gwenaëlle, music by Corey Fogel)

  4. New York’s iconic graffiti space 5 Pointz was painted white last week by its owner in order to avoid any chance of gaining landmark status. The building is scheduled to be demolished to make room for fancy real estate. From the 7 train it looked like someone tried to erase the building from the skyline.

    Not so long ago, Mayor Koch painted subways white in the same fashion to remove artwork by artists by the likes of Dondi, Lee, Daze, Quik and many others, with the same intent to make it disappear. The artists were labeled vandals and arrested if caught. It was called the War of Graffiti. As if graffiti could magically vanish from New York with a little bit of white paint.

    Ironically enough those spaces are now commonly used by advertisers to plaster their marketing campaigns, often without proper permits… Nobody is arresting those guys, or painting their posters white.

    read more about 5pointz here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/21/5-pointz_n_4316483.html

    Color 5 Pointz in October 2012, photos by Marc Gobé
    Whitewashed 5 Pointz in November 2013, photos by Gwenaëlle Gobé

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  5. NYC graffiti mecca #5Pointz is getting painted white before being demolished. R.I.P. #5Pointz (at 5 Pointz)

  6. Invited at the UN as an expert on Visual Pollution to discuss the impact of advertising on cultural rights. (at United Nations)

  7. Kind of weird pictures of the 40x60 watercolors which were on display at FIAF French Institute Alliance Fançaise. Top: Pandemonium (Le dormeur du val) bottom: Pandemonium (the island) inspired my comic book The Diary of Stephanie portraying all the magical characters in the book.

  8. Thank you everyone who came to the book presentation and art show at FIAF / French Institute Alliance Française! Really excited to talk about my creative process on making The Diary of Stephanie comic book and sharing new large watercolor works.

  9. And it’s on! #fiaf #diaryofstephanie

  10. Central Park is getting spotty! Starling birds are loosing their black outfits for fall white spots. Just in time for New York Fashion Week… And I saw a golden eagle flying over the Bronx. Pretty nifty.  (illustration by H. Douglas Pratt) http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/european_starling/id